This game was developed for the June 2018 Godot Game Jam using Godot 3.0.3

Play as an innocent and helpless penguin simply trying to escape the flames as they chase you down an icy and endless mountain. Try to survive as long as possible, and get as far as you can down this never ending mountain. Be careful, the slopes get slicker the longer you survive and further your penguin makes it, so things are bound to get dicey.

If you stumble upon what you think is a bug, please feel free to inform me about it in the comments below. I'm curious if the Mac/Linux versions work or not, HTML and Windows versions were tested successfully.


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Hm, the game loses some of it's charm since you can move the character outside of the visible playing field (where no obstacles are spawned) and it becomes a game of patience instead of reflexes.


yeah this has been fixed , thanks!